Renal Cancer


1.  RCC is multifocal in:

Α. 1% of  cases

Β.  5% of cases

C. 10% of  cases

D. 15% of cases


2. Removing perirenal fat in a patient with RCC:

Α. increases the perioperative mortality

Β. reduces the risk for local relapses

C. increases the  relapse risk

D. increases postoperative morbidity


3. In radical nephrectomy for RCC, routine lymph-node dissection:

Α. is absolutely useless

Β. is performed only for staging

C. is essential only in a few patients

D. is always indicated                                                      


4. In partial nephrectomy, we DO NOT USE the:

Α. lateral lumbar approach

Β. transperitoneal approach

C. subcostal incision

D. Chevron incision

Ε. thoracolumbar approach


5. Which of the following is NOT an indication for partial nephrectomy?

Α. Renal failure

Β. Bilateral tumors

C. Solitary kidney

D. Tumor size <4 εκ.

Ε. Renal pelvis size <2 cm


6. Which of the following statements is correct?

Α. There are no randomized studies clearly demonstrating the superiority of radical nephrectomy versus simple nephrectomy. 

Β. Lymphadenectomy contributes to the therapeutic treatment of renal cancer.

C. A negative CT for adrenal involvement has 89.4% negative prognostic value.

D. Tumor size <7cm is a relative indication for partial nephrectomy.

Ε. Partial nephrectomy is less effective in tumors <4cm than radical nephrectomy, with regard to 5-year disease-free survival. 


7. Which of the following statements about metastatic renal cancer therapy is FALSE?

Α. Targeted therapy with Sunitinib is the first-line treatment for high-risk patients.

Β. Targeted therapy with Temsorilimus is the first-line treatment for high-risk patients.

C. Partial response rate to Sunitinib amounts to 40%.  

D. Sorafenib is a second-line treatment in metastatic renal cancer. 

Ε. Targeted therapy usually does not provide cure.


8. The strongest indication for using radio waves on the kidney is:

Α. transitional cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis

Β. angiomyolipoma of 4cm

C. renal tumor 7cm of the lower pole 

D. renal tumor 3cm and ASA score 3

Ε. renal tumor 3cm and a normal contralateral kidney


Correct answers

1 Β

2 Β


4 Β

5 Ε

6 Α

7 Α

8 D