6th Interactive UroSchool

Thessaloniki, 12th April, 2013




6th Interactive UroSchool

The Hellenic Interactive School of Urology is taking place for the 6th consecutive time at the village of Portaria, Mount Pelion, from 18th to 21st April 2013.

ISUD proceeds to the organisation of the 6th Interactive UroSchool , the most important educational institution in the sector of Urology. Enriched with the priceless experience gained from the successful organisations of previous years, ISUD has the pleasure to organise this year again the 6th UroSchool in Portaria, Pelion, 18-21 April 2013. What makes Uroschool stand out is the fact that all school participants share "equal time" with their tutors within a context where evidence-based scientific knowledge meets everyday clinical practice.

UroSchool is adressed exclusively to Urologists seeking new  and continuing education and training.

The aim of UroSchool is to expose prevailing scientific trends and  open up discussions with colleagues Urologists upon contemporary therapeutic options based on rational clinical practice and patient-oriented medicine.

Through tutorials, interactive seminars, step-by-step discussions upon surgical techniques and their complications, debates and workshops, a great effort is made for reaching consensus with regard to diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas. always in accordance with Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and clinical practice. UroSchool provides the unique opportunity for expressing and exchanging viewpoints, as well as promoting the close communication between Students & Tutors/Tainers & Trainees.

This year the Uroschool Faculty comprises 32 distinguished Academic Professors and Instructors from all Universities of the country, with  a highly significant presence and recognition both in the Greek and international scientific community, guaranteeing the high quality of the educational program.

Given that ISUD adopts the latest technologies in all its educational actions, the use of laptops or tablets is imperative both for the Tutors and Participants throughout the entire educational procedure.

This year UroSchool is dealing in particular with the topic of Urological Cancers and their consequential effects.


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