URO Film

In ISUD, we strongly believe that a 'well-informed patient' is a 'good patient', with the word 'good'  having a double meaning in this context: 'good' with regard to the prognosis of  the patient's outcome, but also 'good' in the sense of being a responsible patient -actively interested and involved in the medical problem but at the same time willing to cooperate with the physician.

In our effort to provide good and reliable education to every patient or to anyone interested in finding medical information for whatever reason -because of a friend's or relative's health problem, for self-prevention or even for plain encyclopedic knowledge- we have taken the initiative to produce a series of educational films based on medical evidence and the principles of anthropocentric Medicine. Both from a technical and scientific point of view, it takes a lot of hard work to provide the clearest possible description of a medical condition/disease covering its whole course  spectrum  -from its first signs and symptoms to its potential treatment- in the simplest and, at the same time, most concise and informative way.

The overall process for displaying real patients' testimonials was conducted in full compliance with the Greek Legislation and the National Data Protection Authority (HDPA).  As for the films, all  intellectual property rights are reserved to ISUD. ISUD would like to warmly thank the actors, film director, technical staff, production companies and colleagues- Urologists for their unique collaboration and for devoting so much time and energy to achieve the best possible result.