Surgeons in action

Surgery is an art that is based on theoretical knowledge and skills. From time to time various guidelines related to surgical actions have derived from the Urologists’ overall experience -such as EAU Guidelines on LaparoscopyBAUS Guidelines for Training in Laparoscopy /in Laparoscopic Mentorship, Best Practices in Robot-assisted Radical Prostatectomy, Guidelines for Acute Management of first occurrence of Renal/Ureteric Lithiasis and Best Practice Policy Statement on Urological Surgery Antimicrobial Prophylaxis. In addition, the European Board of Urology have presented an integrated educational program on Urology (European Urology Residency Curriculum) and have brought forward the e-logbook for recording quantitative and qualitative data concerning every Urologist’s education. However, what still remains very important is sharing surgical experience –referring to both positive surgical outcomes and surgical complications that may have occurred. This Section presents the surgical experience of colleagues through videos that they have created by themselves. All colleagues interested in participating in the ISUD Videolibrary are kindly requested to contact us (videos usually do not exceed 15min). Our Editorial Board seeks videos demonstrating surgical complications, for -as it is known- learning from such cases is of priceless value for every Surgeon. Some colleagues have already responded and their videos are at your disposal to watch.



Intravesical Infusion Botulinum Toxin Apostolidis Apostolos
TUR- P in a prostate 140 gr- Complication Skolarikos Andreas
Laser Prostatectomy Skolarikos Andreas
Ureterolithotripsy Skolarikos Andreas
Laparoscopic UPJ Plastic Surgery Skolarikos Andreas
TUR – BT (tumor with wide base upon bladder neck) Skolarikos Andreas
TUR – BT (above right orifice) Skolarikos Andreas
Transurethral Bladder Neck Incision Skolarikos Andreas
Robotic UPJ Plastic Surgery Skolarikos Andreas
Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Skolarikos Andreas
Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy Skolarikos Andreas
Laparoscopic Nephropexy Skolarikos Andreas
Cryopexy in a small Renal Tumor Skolarikos Andreas
Percutaneous placement of Pig-Tail catheter for the treatment of Ureteroileal Anastomotic Stricture in patients with Bricker Urinary Diversion Skolarikos Andreas
Transperitoneal Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Skolarikos Andreas
Prevention and Management of Complications during Laparoscopy Skolarikos Andreas
Reverse Endorenal Surgical Procedures Skolarikos Andreas
Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty and Flexible Nephroscopy in a patient with UPJ Stenosis and concomitant Renolithiasis Giannakopoulos Stylianos
Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy in a 3-year old boy Giannakopoulos Stylianos
Ureteroscopic Procedures Giannakopoulos Stylianos
PCNL and Endopyelotomy in a horseshoe kidney with duplicated pyelocaliceal system in the left segment Giannakopoulos Stylianos
Urethroplasty with Dorsal Preputial Graft Radopoulos Dimitrios
Plastic Surgery of Outer Urethral Orifice with the use of foreskin Radopoulos Dimitrios
Neocyst Orthotopic Reconstruction – a new surgical modification Radopoulos Dimitrios
Cystocele Repair with the use of Martius flap Radopoulos Dimitrios
Pelvic Plastic Surgery with posterior lumbar approach Radopoulos Dimitrios
Vesicourethral Fistula- Repair Radopoulos Dimitrios
Vesicouterine Fistula - Repair Radopoulos Dimitrios
Urinary Diversion by Abol – Enein Radopoulos Dimitrios
Hypospadias Repair Radopoulos Dimitrios
RIRS with flexible ureterorenoscope in a patient with solitary kidney Mamoulakis Haralambos
Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy Mamoulakis Haralambos
Placement of Artificial Sphincter Adamakis Ioannis
Cystocele Repair with Mesh Adamakis Ioannis
Tape Insertion for Urinary Incontinence in Men Adamakis Ioannis