Unit for the Study of Urologic Diseases (USUD)

The story begins in 1998, when the Sexual Dysfunctions Reference Center (SDRC) was organized as the Hellenic National Office of the European Sexual Health Alliance. This was done thanks to the initiative of Mr Dimitrios Hatzichristou -at that time Lecturer and today Professor of Urology at A.U.Th.-  the substantial support of the late Professor of Urology A. Kallinderis and the Rector then of A.U.Th. Professor M. Papadopoulos. In 2000, it changed its name and became the Sexual and Reproductive Health Center (SRHC), expanding its activity both from a research and educational point of view. Having already gained the experience and essential know-how in 2005, SRHC promoted the establishment of new Centers within its organizational structure, that all together compose the Unit for the Study of Urologic Diseases (USUD).



The promotion of scientific research -both basic and clinical- upon issues related to Urology.

Until today, USUD had been covering educational needs and at the same time developing public awareness-raising actions related to urological diseases. Today ISUD has undertaken these tasks -always in close collaboration with USUD. 


The Centers of USUD 

The organizational structure of USUD, its composition and different action axes are based on the long and successful experience of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Center (SRHC).  Operating in the A.U.Th. since 1997, SRHC constitutes the model for the development of the new Centers composing USUD. The 4 USUD Centers responding to different fields of Urology, are the following:


The Molecular Biology Lab was set up in 2005, under the initiative of Assistant Professor of Urology A. Apostolidis, carrying out research and educational programs of basic and molecular research. The Molecular Biology Lab is accommodated in the Medical Faculty of A.U.Th. and is in close collaboration with A.U.Th. Labs of Pharmacology,Genetics, Physiology and Pathology.




Human Resources 

The USUD staff comprises scientists of various specialties, who reinforce the multi-dimensional and multi-leveled approach of issues. Besides the permanent staff, USUD has as Consultants worldwide distinguished scientists with unique research and clinical experience and rich authoring work. Lastly, within the context of its research programs and actions, USUD collaborates with Research Units or well-known scientists of both Greek and International Academic and Research Institutes.


Scientific staff of USUD

The scientific staff of USUD is composed of Trainers and Researchers with specialized knowledge and involvement in the various  fields of Urology.  

Trainers/ Researchers:

  1. Lina Vardouli, Μolecular Biologist

  2. Fotis Dimitriadis, Urologist

  3. Μarina Kalaitzi,  Physiotherapist

  4. Dimitris Kalyvianakis, Urologist

  5. Voula Kapoteli, Psychologist

  6. Εvi Kyrana, Psychologist

  7. Μarkopoulou Tania, Μolecular Biologist

  8. Vaios Mytilekas, Urologist


Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee of USUD is composed of distinguished scientists, eah one in their own field:

  • Loukas Athanasiadis, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, A.U.Th.
  • Giorgors Karakioulakis, Professor of Pharmacology, A.U.Th.
  • Dimitris Kouvelas, Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, A.U.Th.
  • Αristidis Kritis, Assistant Professor of Physiology
  • Vasiliki Kotoula, Assistant Professor of Pathology, A.U.Th.
  • Αlexis Lampropoulos, Αssociate Professor of Genetics, A.U.Th.
  • Εleni Papakonstantinou, Associate Professor of Pharmacology


Financial Management

Financial management takes place exclusively through a special bank account of the A.U.Th. Research Committee.