External Genitalia Diseases


1. Which is the most reliable examination for the diagnosis of syphilis?

Α. Dark-field examination

Β. Culture from genital ulcer material


D. FTA abs & TPHA


2. What is the indicated therapy in relapsing genital herpes? 

Α. 10-day application of anti-herpes ointment

Β. Per os episode therapy (5 days)

C. Per os 6-month suppressive therapy

D. Per os 12-month suppressive therapy


3. How long after the "bleaching" (whitening) therapy of condylomata acuminata, is the patient considered to be a 'non-carrier'?

Α. After 3 months

Β. After 9 months

C. After 12 months

D. It is unknown. 


4. What should be done in a recently-occurring solitary pigmented lesion on the penile glans or vaginal lips? 

Α. Removal of the lesion

Β. Clinical/ Dermatoscopic monitoring

C. Histological examination

D. Ablation with  Cryopexy, Diathermy or Laser


5. What is the prognosis of Zoon's plasmocellular balanitis?

Α. Spontaneous remission

Β. Progression into SCC

C. Exacerbations and remissions


6. Which of the following statements about the treatment of genitalia condylomas is true?

A. The most common etiological factor is HPV, types 6 and 11.

Β. Histological examination is necessary only in atypical pigmented ulcerated lesions. 

C. Lesions of the outer urethral orifice are an absolute indication for screening the bladder and urethral mucosa with urethrocystoscopy.  

D. All the above are correct.

Ε.  Α and Β are correct.


7.  Which of the following statements is true concerning Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans in children?

Α. Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans is 1-3% likely to progress into penile cancer before the age of 20. 

Β. Topical corticosteroid therapy replaces surgery in 80-85% of cases.

C. The penile glans participates in the disease by 5-7%. 

D.Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans is rare in children below 5 years old.


8. What is the proper order of steps for the surgical reconstruction of hypospadias?

Α. Straightening of the penis -Urethroplasty -Balanoplasty

Β. Urethroplasty -Balanoplasty -Straightneing of the penis

C. Balanoplasty - Straightening of the penis - Urethroplasty

D. Balanoplasty - Urehtroplasty - Straightening of the penis


9. All the following are mentioned as causes of chronic testicular pain apart from: 

Α. Spermatocele

Β. Inguinal hernia


D. Irritable bowel syndrome

Ε. Urethral stricture


10. Which of the following statements about circumcision is true?

Α. The most common complication of circumcision is bleeding from the frenular artery. 

Β. There are indications in literature that circumcision improves sexual  function and satisfaction. 

C. Adhesiolysis (lysis of prepuce and balanus adhesions) is the most crucial surgical step irrespective of which technique is followed afterwards

D. Α and C are correct.

Ε. All the above are correct. 


Correct answers


1 D

9 C

2 D

10 D

3 D


4 Β


5 C


6 Ε


7 D


8 Α