Sex Benefits

Sexual intercourse, a true secret to health

According to various studies, absence of sexual activity has a negative effect on human health. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that sexual intercourse has beneficial effects on both physical and psychological levels. This piece of information is highly significant and has to be further communicated not only by experts on sexual health but also by all health professionals. Raising the awareness and properly informing citizens is an important step for leading a healthier life.

Effect on overall health and body’s defense

Sex benefits are identified at multiple levels. According to studies, sexual intercourse reduces chronic pain. In addition, vaginal stimulation is associated with substantial analgesic properties much stronger than those of clitoral stimulation. As far as the immune system is concerned, it seems that the classic sexual act enhances immunity, as opposed to anal contact which is related to immune suppression. Sexual intercourse is the only activity which fatigues but at the same time relaxes the body, and significantly improves quality of sleep. One should not forget that better sleep means better health, more appropriate weight and lower blood pressure. Lastly, with regard to the endocrine system, sexual intercourse raises levels of hormones, such as testosterone, oxytocin, dopamine etc, resulting in better sexual life and less depression.

Effect on mental & psychological health

Sexual intercourse has been proven to improve mental and psychological health. There is no doubt that it enhances self-confidence and, thus, helps individuals manage effectively and express more openly their emotions. In addition, it raises our mood and decreases risk of depression and neurotic/ psychotic disorders. It promotes sociability, that is  the human ability to adapt to different social conditions, join together with others and participate in common activities. Lastly, frequent sex makes couples happier, for it strengthens their relationship through the satisfaction they derive from it.

 Effect on the cardiovascular system

Sexual intercourse relieves stress, drops high blood pressure and is correlated with lower diastolic pressure at rest; as a consequence, the individual can respond better to stressful conditions. At the same time, sex stabilizes heart rate and provides a satisfactory degree of physical exercise. However, as happens with physical exercise training, sex has to be done on a regular basis in order to give the above benefits for the cardiovascular system. A sex frequency of more than twice a week, definitely improves the heart condition and reduces risk of heart disease by 45%.

Effect on urogenital system

According to studies, semen parameter values (sperm count, volume, mobility and morphology) are better after having classic sexual intercourse than after masturbation. Such values contribute to the better function of the prostate gland, which in turn contributes to the recovery of diseases, such as inflammations (chronic prostatitis), and reduces of prostate cancer. As for the female genital system, it seems that vaginal sex contributes to the normal function of the vagina and the perineum. Vaginal contractions that take place during intercourse, seem to strengthen the pelvic floor and, as a result, reduce risk of urinary incontinence. Also, prostaglandin contained in semen improves blood perfusion, oxygenation and functionality of the vagina.

Do all forms of sexual intercourse have a beneficial effect on health?

According to studies, sex benefits for physical and psychological health are associated only with penile penetration of the vagina and subsequent orgasm. Other sexual activities (e.g. masturbation, anal sex, oral sex) have not been shown to have beneficial effect on the individual’s overall health. This information is of high significance and, therefore, sexual education experts and sexologists should inform people about the beneficial effects of classic sex to our health. 


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