Orchialgia/ Orchidynia (Testicular pain)

Orchialgia or Orchidynia is the pain or discomfort in the one testis or in both testes. Pain may originate from the testis or may be radiating from other organs (e.g. renal colic). There are many conditions that may induce testicular pain, but some are real emergencies such as Testicular Torsion and Acute Epidydimis. The pain may be acute, permanent or intermittent and its intensity may range from mild to severe. Acute pain is usually induced by testicular injury, torsion and inflammation.

Chronic scrotal pain (chronic orchialgia) is a condition in which the symptom persists for more than 3 months and affects the patient's everyday life. It is usually of lower intensity than the acute pain and has a periodic character. As for the etiology, it may be associated with varicocele, hydrocele, epididymal cysts, prostate inflammation, urinary lithiasis, irritable bowel syndrome or it may be a manifestation of the chronic pelvic pain syndrome.