Renal Colic

Renal Colic is classified among the most excruciatingly painful events a person can endure. The typical renal colic usually occurs suddenly without any prior signalling symptom. Initially, it is localised in the kidney area ( laterally between the spine and abdomen, right below the rib cage), but later on it expands further towards the bladder, genitalia and urethra. Very often the pain is strong from the very beginning, whereas other times it is manifested as a sensation of pressure or tightening in the kidney area which progressively increases in tension, causing high discomfort to the patient. As a consequence, in an effort to relieve pain, the patient cannot stand still at one place but continuously changes position, without being able to relax at all. The pain is usually so strong that induces heavy sweating, vomiting or vomiting tendency and flatulence (abdominal bloating). The colic may be accompanied by urinary frequency and dysuria. There may also be cases of hematuria (blood in urine).