Urotour 2011 Munich

Center of Excellence: Department of Urology, Ludwig Maximilian University

City: Munich, Germany

Director: Prof. Christian Stief

Urotour Coordinator: Dr. Nicolas Haseke

Visit Dates: 09-16/10/2011

Trainees: Yannopoulos Stavros (Alexandroupoli)

                    Dadakas Georgios (Limassol, Cyprus)


What the trainees said

Yannopoulos Stavros

Description and Evaluation of the Center

My participation in UROTOUR 2011 offered me the opportunity to visit for one week the Department of Urology of Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. It is one of the largest Urology Departments in Germany and directed by Professor Christian Stief. The staff is composed of 10 Specialized Surgeons, 8 Specialized Surgical Assistants and 15 Residents of Urology. There are numerous patient rooms, 4 open operating theaters and 3 endoscopic operating theaters on a daily basis. Cases and surgeons alternate at a spectacular pace and the  organization, equipment and techniques of the Department are impressive. It is really worth watching Professor Ch. Stief performing four consecutive radical prostatectomies in less than one hour each one, Dr A. Becker in an exemplary DaVinci radical prostatectomy, Dr W. Kodher in a one-hour laparoscopic nephrectomy and young Dr M. Staehler in 4 open partial nephrectomies -all taking place in only one surgical day. The other activities of the Center are equally impressive. The Endoscopic Unit operates at an amazing pace and Professor Ch. Stief's Department has been the first one to apply PhotoDynamic Diagnosis (PDD) in bladder cancer -the technique applied in all cases today. I had the opportunity to attend the new technique of PhotoDynamic Therapy for Localized Prostate Cancer -that is being tried today. Dr. R. Bauer deals with Neurourology and incontinence cases, insertion of Artificial Urinary Sphincters (AUS) and Tension-free Vaginal Tapes (TVT). During my stay, we also attended a one-day Partial Nephrectomy Seminar with high participation and display of Open, Laparoscopic and DaVinci Partial Nephrectomies. Outpatient Clinics operate in a particularly pleasant and functional environment, giving priority and showing respect to patients. However, with regard to issues of Endourology and Percutaneous Lithtripsy, I think that our German colleagues should visit the Department of Urology at the Democritus University of Thrace.

The benefit from my visit to such a Center of Excellence is multi-dimensional. The experience of such a large Center with so many activities and pioneering research programs is priceless. The spirit of perfect collaboration, the initial morning briefing and the relaxing debriefing in the evening at the Professor's office -with his collabolators sitting on the carpet- are unforgettable experiences to every visitor. The only unpleasant feeling is this bitterness when coming back to Greece; biterness about the Greek situation in issues having to do with organization, respect towards the  Physician and respect towards the patient. 

Dadakas Giorgos

Description and Evaluation of the Center

In Munich there are 2 University Departments of Urology. I visited the Department of Urology of L.M.U. (Ludwig Maximilian Universität) directed by Professor Stief. The staff comprises 10 Registrar Urologists, 6 Specialized Urologists and  15 Residents. Surgical procedures are performed on a daily basis in 5 operating theaters, covering a wide spectrum of Urology, including Endourology, Andrology, Oncology, Neurourology and Gynaecological Urology. The Department conducts Laparoscopic interventions and has a DaVinci Robotic Surgery Unit. It is a Center of Reference in Partial Nephrectomies. On our last day, we had the opportunity to participate in a Partial Nephrectomy Seminar conducted by the Department with about 30 participants. During the seminar, there were 3 Open, 1 Laparoscopic and 1 DaVinci Partial Nephrectomies were displayed. During our one-week visit we had the chance to choose which procedures we would prefer to attend. The Registrars of the Department were very kind and friendly, willing to answer all our questions.