Urotour 2011 Antwerp

Center of Excellence: Department of Urology, University of Antwerp and Antwerp University Hospital

City: Antwerp, Belgium

Director: Prof. Jean-Jacques Wyndaele

Urotour Coordinator: Ms Liesbet Knaepkens

Visit Dates: 13-20/11/2011

Trainees: Ιoannidis Konstantinos (Korinthos)

                   Takos Dimitrios (Komotini)


What the Trainees said

Ιoannidis Konstantinos

Description and Evaluation of the Center

Thanks to Urotour 2011, I had the honor to receive training as an Observer at the Urology Department of the Antwerp University Hospital -a renowned Center of Excellence. It treats cases from all major fields of Urology with further specialization in Neurourology and Videourodynamics, implementing pioneering diagnostic and therapeutic methods. The Director, Professor Jean-Jacques Wyndaele. along with the entire medical and nursing staff compose a hospitable and  ideal environment for our one-week educational/training process. At the same time, the city of Antwerp is a beautiful destination satisfying every visitor. I was there during the period 14th to 18th November 2011. 

The medical staff of the Department consists of: 

  1. Professor Dr Jean-Jacques Wyndaele, Director: he deals with Functional Urology and General Urology, specialized in Urodynamics and Neurourology.
  2. Dr. Benny Verheyden:  specialized in Andrology (was on recovery leave)
  3. Dr. Lucien Hoekx: specialized in Oncology

In the Department there are also 3 Residents of Urology and 2 Graduate Medical Students, who carry out a significant part of the Department tasks. 

The Urology Deparment includes:

  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Video-Urodynamic Screening Unit
  • Neurourology Department, where special diagnostic tests are conducted to check sensation/sensory reflexes to electrical stimulation in limbs, perineal area, bladder urothelium and innervation of perineal muscles.
  • Physiotherapeutic Department, which is fully specialized inpelvic floor issues for the treatment of urinary /faecal, dyspareunia, urinary dysfunction. 

Among further activities is the Professor's weekly visit to CTR (Centre de Traumatologie et de Réadaptation) in Brussels to substantially contribute with his expertise -by carrying out urological examinations, videourodynamic screening tests, endoscopies, surgical procedures. Also, every two weeks a Pelvic Clinic operates in UZA aiming at the evaluation of difficult cases with the participation of Urologists, Gynaecologists, Gastrenterologists and Physiotherapists. 

Τakos Dimitrios

Description and Evaluation of the Center

ISUD and the Educational Program UROTOUR offered me the potential to visit the Urology Department of the Antwerp University Hospital in Belgium during the period 13th-18th November 2011.  

The Urology Department (UZA) covers all subspecialities with further specialization in Functional and Reconstructive Urology. UZA is one of the first Departments to insert neurostimulation devices in patients with urinary disorders. Professor J. J. Wyndaele, the Director of the Urology Department, is considered to be among the most pioneering Neurourologists in  Europe with a highly remarkable authoring work. Besides Professor Jean-Jacques Wyndaele, the staff also comprises 4 Residents and several scientific collaborators, who are either Fellows or carry out their PhD. The Professor welcomed us the first day, introduced us to his group and provided us with a schedule for the coming days from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Videourodynamic Studies and Electrophysiological Tests of the lower urogenital tract are conducted in the Outpatient Clinics of the Department on a daily basis. There is an excellent collaboration with the  Pelvic Clinic (Physiotherapy Department) that undertakes most cases to teach patients how to execute pelvic floor exercises. We had the opportunity to attend some sessions, in which we realized  the high level of their training. The Department staff was very friendly, highly specialized and our communication in English was effective. Patients are treated with respect and politeness. During my one-week program, I also had the wonderful potential to visit the Traumatology and Rehabilitation Center in Brussels with Professor Wyndaele, where he is responsible for all running scientific programs. The Professor was particularly friendly and open, and invited us and his colleagues for dinner, where we exchanged our viewpoints related to many scientific and social issues. The overall picture of the Center is highly positive. I was particularly impressed by the staff cooperation, group work, professionalism and patient flow management.