The Urotour identity


UROTOUR offers young Urologists the opportunity to:

a) get acquainted with the structure and daily operation of International Urology Centers of Excellence

b) follow the everyday clinical practice of such Centers (outpatient clinics -special clinics -operation theaters) and get in touch with the latest considerations and developments in their specialty at a practical level

c) meet in person some of the most highly distinguished European Urologists and their groups/ collaborators


 Submission Requirements/ Eligibility Criteria:

  • Residency Training in Urology completed within the last ten academic years (every academic year starts on September 1st)
  • E.U. Academic Title "Fellow of the European Board of Urology" (FEBU)
  • good knowledge of the English language or the language spoken in the country to visit (to ensure effective oral and written communication)
  • no chance before to visit or work in a center abroad upon completion of residency training


Should you be interested in applying for this year's UROTOUR, fill in the  e-application form. 

The Selection Process

A Special ISUD Committee evaluates the application forms based on the submitted résumés (CVs) (educational background/ interests/ professional presence/ career progression) taking into account the priority lists and the number of years since Residency Training. Fellowship results are officially and definitely announced on ISUD website in July every year and, at the same time, each selected Fellow is personally informed about their success. Should it not be possible for a selected Urologist to accept the fellowship, s/he is replaced by the runner-up (right next in the row) according to the priority list for the specific position/ visiting center. 

The Evaluation Committee

ISUD has a 3-member Evaluation and Selection Committee. The composition of the Committee is subject to annual review and adjustment, in order to reduce the burden of the jury. 

So far, the Committee has been honored with the membership of:

1. Gerasimos Alivizatos, President of the Examination Board in the European Board of Urology (EBU)

2. Αpostolos Apostolidis, Assistant Professor of Urology, A.U.Th.

3. Petros Perimenis, Professor of Urology, A.U.Th.

4. Dimitris Hatzichristou,  Professor of Urology, A.U.Th., President of ISUD

What expenses does UROTOUR Travel Awards Program cover?

  • one round-trip airfare ticket  (economy class) to the city of destination or to the closest airport
  • one round-trip train or bus ticket to the city of destination, as long as there is no airport in the city of destination
  • 7-day stay (departure and return always on Sunday) in a 3-star or equivalent hotel, breakfast included
  • monetary award of 500 Euros, for covering daily living expenses (60 Euros/day)

UROTOUR Travel Awards Program does NOT cover the following:

  • expenses of accompanying person. Given that this is an intensive educational/training program short in duration -and not a touristic/leisure program- Trainees are not to be accompanied.
  • other personal expenses

Obligations of Participants 

Once back from the visit, the Urotour Fellow is obliged within 30 days to submit 3 evaluation forms to ISUD concerning:

  • evaluation of the Center visited
  • evaluation of the Hotel 
  • evaluation of the UROTOUR Program 

Lastly, the Urotour Fellow is obliged to send to ISUD a brief description of the Center of Excellence s/he visited and its activities (2 pages), as well as a brief descritpion of the educational/ vocational benefit s/he has gained from participating in the program (150 words). All evaluations and reports will be available on the ISUD website. This aims at helping colleagues who are probably interested in participating in Urotour in the future to get an idea of the overall experience and choose the Center that would better meet their personal educational/training needs.  


Visits take place during the period September - December every year. Every Center of Excellence  itself sets the exact dates of visit, according to their own schedule and potential. 


  • Coordination

The overall coordination of the Program is undertaken by Mrs Marina Tsiouprou, who is in charge of all ISUD events

  • Implementation

The Program is an initiative taken and implemented by ISUD. 

Financial support/ Sponsorship

The UROTOUR Program takes place thanks to an open educational grant donated by  ASTELLAS  to ISUD.