Urotour 2011 Portugal

Center of Excellence: Department of Urology, School of Medicine

City: Porto, Portugal

Director: Prof. Francisco Cruz

Urotour Coordinator: Dr. Paulo Dinis Oliveira

Visit Dates: 23-30/10/2011

Trainees: Ζougas Konstantinos (Rhodes)

                  Orestis Porfiris (Sparti)


What the trainees said

Κonstantinos Zougas

Description and Evaluation of the Center

The Urology Department of the University of Porto is the most world famous Department of Portugal. It is accommodated on the 7th floor in  the new Wing of the central building of the Medical School of the Porto University. It holds 35 beds allocated in single, double and three-bed patient rooms. It is a well-organized and highly disciplined Center with a remarkable number of Urologists and state-of-the art equipment covering the whole spectrum of Urology (Oncology, Endoscopic Urology, Gynaecological Urology, Transplantations etc). The Department composes an active field for research and clinical studies for patients with neurourological diseases and is renowned both at a national and international level. Professor Franscisco Cruz, the Director of the Department, and Associate Professor Dr Paulo Oliveira -who were both responsible for our visit- along with the other Physicians, Experts and Residents were very hospitable and friendly. They were always willing to answer our questions, meet our needs and generally make us feel at home. Our schedule was planned so as to provide us with a great variety from a clinical, research and surgical point of view. During my stay, it became obvious to me that health services are of high quality due to  the physicians' advanced level of medical knowledge and training, the state-of-the art equipment and efficiency of the nursing and administrative staff (secretaries etc). I should emphasize the close collaboration between the Urology Department and other medical specialties, such as Oncologists, Pathologists and Radiologists, who meet together on a weekly basis to discuss difficult cases and exchange their viewpoints. As a conclusion, I would say that the specific Department is worthily a Center of Reference in Portugal and is indeed one of the best Urology Departments in Europe. 

Porfiris Orestis

The Department of Urology in the Sao Joao Hospital in Porto has 38 beds and comprises 20 Specialized Urologists headed by Professor Francisco Cruz and provides training to 6 Residents. It covers a district of 4 million inhabitants in Northern Portugal. Urological surgical procedures are performed on a daily basis by  the morning shift (8:00 am - 2:00 pm) or by both morning and evening shifts if required (8:00 am - 2 pm  & 2:00 am- 8:00 pm). Surgical interventions of milder gravity are performed on Fridays during the evening shift. If considered to be necessary for  reducing the potentially long waiting list, there may be surgical procedures scheduled also on Saturday, with extra charge for the medical and nursing staff. A wide range of open and lapararoscopic procedures are performed. The Hospital is also a Renal Transplantation Center, with Urologists conducting renal transplantations. There are also further activities, such as Extracorporeal Lithotripsies, Urodynamic Screening, regular Outpatient Clinics etc. Every Friday morning there is an Oncology Meeting where oncological cases are discussed and then follows discussion on hospitalized cases. Within the academic context, there is also a remarkable degree of research work carried out (Phds and research protocols mainly in the Sector of Neurourology) under the guidance of Professor Francisco Cruz. 

All colleagues were very friendly, willing to explain to us how the Department operates and answer any question of ours.They work in a wonderful environment that satisfies their needs and motivates them to always try for the best. I believe that the Department of Urology of Sao Joao Hospital is really worth visiting and my experience was highly constructive and rewarding.