Urotour 2013

The Institute for the Study of Urological Diseases (ISUD) presents UROTOUR 2013


What is UROTOUR?

Within the context of the difficult period we are all going through -getting harder and harder for young Urologists to receive postgraduate training- the Institute for the Study of Urological Diseases (ISUD) keeps persisting academically. ISUD organizes UROTOUR 2013 (third Urotour in a row since 2010) in collaboration with 5 European Urology Centers of Excellence. This ‘Travel Awards Program’ is provided every year to 10 young Greek Urologists, offering them the opportunity to visit one of the five worldwide distinguished Urology Centers for one week (2 Urologists per Center). So, 5 groups of young Urologists -2 members in each group- will visit for one week a Center of their choice (out of the 5 already selected by ISUD for this year) during the period September-November 2013 (on dates set by the Center itself). 

2-week Practical Training

For the first time, this year ISUD offers 2 Urologists the potential of a 2-week stay abroad. In cooperation with the hospitable Urology Department of Aix-Marseille Université, there will be accommodation available within the University campus. In addition, ISUD increases the amount of money covering living expenses for each Trainee to 1.000 Euros for their 15-day stay.

The experience of UROTOUR 2010, UROTOUR 2011 & UROTOUR 2012

UROTOUR has been established since the year 2010 and is continuing, as evaluation coming from all  30 young participating Urologists are more than positive (read full evaluation reports of all colleagues who have participated in http://www.imop.gr/uro-tour). The following 15 European Urology Centers of Excellence have so far participated in the UROTOUR program hosting 2 Greek Urologists every year:


1. University College Hospital, London, United Kingdom (Medical Director: Prof. A.R. Mundy)

2. Bristol Urological Institute, Bristol University, Bristol, United Kingdom (Chairman: Mr Paul Abrams)

3. Department of Urology, AMC University Hospital, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Chairman: Prof. Jan de la Rosette)

4. Department of Urology, Puigvert Foundation, Barcelona, Spain (Chairman: Prof. Humberto Villavicencio),

5. Department of Urology, Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany (Chairman: Prof. Markus A. Kuczyk)

6. Department of Urology and Andrology, University of Perugia, Ospedale S. Maria della Misericordia, Perugia, Italy (Chairman: Prof. Massimo Porena)

7. Department of Urology, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany (Chairman: Prof. Christian Stief)

8. Department of Urology, Guy's Hospital, London, U.K. (Chairman: Prof. Prokar Dasgupta)

9. Department of Urology, University Antwerp and Antwerp University Hospital, Antwerp, Belgium (Chairman: Prof. Jean-Jacques Wyndaele)

10. Department of Urology, School of Medicine, Porto, Portugal (Chairman:  Prof. Francisco Cruz)

11. Department of Urology, University Hospitals of the Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium (Chairman: Prof. H. Van Poppel)

12. Department of Urology, University of Innsbruck, Medical school, Innsbruck Austria (Chairman: Prof. W. Horninger)

13. Department of Urology, La Pitié Salpêtrière Academic Hospital, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris, France (Chairman: Prof. M-O. Bitker)

14. Urologische Universitätklinik, Inselspital, Universitätspital Bern, Switzerland (Chairman: Prof. G. Thalmann)

15. Division of Urology, Sant’ Andrea Hospital & Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine, School of Health Sciences, ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome, Italy (Chairman: Prof. A Tubaro)

To whom UROTOUR is addressed

UROTOUR 2013 is addressed exclusively to Urologists, who have completed their Residency Training in Urology within the last 10 academic years and had no chance so far to visit a Urology Center of Excellence abroad. With a one-week training program, UROTOUR offers these colleagues the opportunity to:

a) get acquainted with the structure and daily operation of International Urological Centers

b) follow the everyday clinical practice (outpatient clinics -special units -operating theaters)

c) meet in person some of the most highly distinguished European Urologists and their collaborating teams

Centers of Excellence 2013

It is a great honor for ISUD to have the support and collaboration of 5 highly distinguished University Departments of Urology for the implementation of UROTOUR. Get to know the Centers of Excellence participating this year in UROTOUR 2013 -each Center hosting 2 Greek Urologists:


1. The Leeds Teaching Hospitals, NHS, Urology, United Kingdom. (http://www.leedsth.nhs.uk/services/urology/) Clinical Director: Mr. Ian Eardley

Department specialized in: Endourology of Upper Urinary Tract, Robotic Surgery, Urinary Incontinence, Lithiasis, Andrology

VISIT DATES: 03 November – 10 November


2. Aix-Marseille Université, France (http://www.cro2-marseille.pharmacie.univ-mrs.fr/) Chairman: Prof. Eric Lechevaller

Department specialized in: Renal Transplantation, Uro-oncology, Endourology of Upper Urinary Tract, Andrology, Urinary Incontinence, Neurourology, Lithiasis, Minimally Invasive Surgery

VISIT DATES: 29 September – 13 October


3. Department of Urology, Maastricht University Medical Centre (http://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/web/Home.htm) Chairman: Prof. Gommert A. van Koeveringe

Department specialized in: Neurourology, Urinary Incontinence, Oncology, Endourology, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Robotic Surgery

VISIT DATES: 13 October- 20 October


4. Universidad de La Laguna/Hospital Universitario de Canarias (http://www2.gobiernodecanarias.org/sanidad/scs/index.jsp) Chairman: Prof. David Manuel Castro Díaz

Department specialized in: Endourology, Video-urodynamic Testing, Extracorporeal Lithotripsy, Andrology, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Neurourology

VISIT DATES:  24 November – 1 December


5. Hacettepe University Hospitals (http://www.hastane.hacettepe.edu.tr/Bolum/191) Chairman: Prof. Fazil Tuncay Aki

Department specialized in: Lithiasis, Uro-oncology, Paedourology, Gynaecourology, Renal Transplantation, Andrology, Neurourology, Robotic Surgery

VISIT DATES: 10 November- 17 November

Participation Requirements/ Eligibility Criteria

Urologists should meet the following participation requirements

  • Residency Training in Urology completed within the last ten academic years (from 2003 to September 2013)
  • E.U. academic title "Fellow of the European Board of Urology" (FEBU) (acquired within period from 2003 to September 2013)
  • Good knowledge of the English language or the language spoken in the country to visit (language certificate to be submitted, if there is one).
  • Never before received  training fellowship abroad
  • Average age 45 years old
  • Priority will be given to those who have not participated  before in UROTOUR

Expenses covered by ISUD

  • one round-trip airfare ticket  (economy class) to the city of destination or to the closest airport

(OR one round-trip train or bus ticket to the city of destination, as long as there is no airport in the city of destination)

  • 7-day stay (departure and return always on Sunday) in a 3-star or equivalent hotel, breakfast included (in Marseille one-month stay in a dormitory)

  • monetary award of 500 Euros, for covering daily living expenses (60 Euros/day) (in Marseille 1.000 Euros for 2 weeks)


  • expenses of accompanying person

  • extra personal expenses

Application forms

Urologists who are interested should fill in the e- application forms for Urotour 2013, which include:

1.     order of preference  with regard to which Center to visit (out of the 5 selected by ISUD for this year) 

2.     one paragraph (100-150 words) explaining reasons and incentives why s/he wishes to participate in Urotour and also declaring that they have never before the opportunity to receive any post-graduation training abroad

3.     Résumé (CV) in English (photo included)

4.     photocopy of Passport (through scanner).

Deadline for Sumbission/ Evaluation of Applications

You can submit your application forms in www.imop.gr  from 1st June to 7th July 2013. 

A Special ISUD Committee evaluates the application forms based on resumés (CVs) (educational background/ interests/ professional presence/ career progression) taking into account the priority lists and the number of years since Residency Training. Fellowship results will be officially and definitely announced by Friday 12th July 2013 on ISUD website and, at the same time, each selected Fellow is personally informed about their success. Should it not be possible for a selected Urologist to accept the fellowship, s/he is replaced by the runner-up (right next in the row) according to the priority list for the specific position/ visiting center. 

Evaluation Committee

ISUD has a 3-member Evaluation and Selection Committee composed of:

1. Αpostolos Apostolidis, Assistant Professor of Urology-Neurourology, A.U.Th.

2. Gerasimos Alivizatos, Director of the 3rd  Department of Urology, "YGEIA" Private Hospital

3. Dimitrios Hatzichristou,  Professor of Urology, A.U.Th., President of ISUD

Process after the selection 

10 days before their departure, colleagues selected for the UROTOUR Fellowship will receive an envelope containing the following:

  • round-trip airfare e-ticket
  • hotel voucher
  • personal cheque (to cover living expenses)
  • letter of acceptance from the Center of Excellence to be visited
  • full guide of the city to be visited

Evaluation Report after the visit

Once back from the visit, the Urotour Fellow is obliged within 30 days to submit 3 evaluation forms to ISUD concerning:

  • evaluation of the Reception Center
  • evaluation of the Hotel 
  • evaluation of UROTOUR 2013

Lastly, the Urotour Fellow is obliged to send to ISUD a brief description of the Center of Excellence s/he visited and its activities (2 pages), as well as a brief description of the training/ vocational benefit s/he has gained from participating in the program (150 words) and photos taken from the entire experience. All evaluations and reports will be available on the ISUD website. This aims at helping colleagues who are probably interested in participating in Urotour 2014 to get an idea of the overall experience and choose the Center that would better meet their personal training needs.  


The overall coordination of the Program is undertaken by Mrs Marina Tsiouprou, who is in charge of all ISUD educational/training events. For any occurring question concerning submission of documents and application, please contact Mrs Marina Tsiouprou either by e-mail (m.tsiouprou@imop.gr) or by phone 2310 228028 (ISUD) / 6942791082 on working hours and days.

Financial support/ Sponsorship

The UROTOUR Program takes place thanks to the kind support of PHARMASERVE – LILLY S.A.C.I.   to ISUD.