Festival: Sex, Problems and Cinema


The dream of representing and illustrating reality was among the first human aspirations. Moving from the fixed picture to ‘catching’ motion, along with the need for narrating imaginary stories, led to the human integrated expression through the cinema. And, of course, love and sex have always been the prevailing thematology in the cinema, tracing at the same time the problems related both to love relationships and sexual function. From 2001 onwards, the Thessaloniki Film Festival has been supporting the initiative of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Center (SRHC/ ΚΕ.Σ.Α.Υ) and the Institute for the Study of Urological Diseases (ISUD) for organizing a mini-festival dedicated both to love and sex, in an effort to raise the public awareness upon sexual problems. So, “Sex, Problems and Cinema” is the topic; for, as Woody Alan has said, “I do not know the question, but sex is surely the answer!”.