Participants are divided in 4 groups and alternate in 4 rooms. Every hands-on training session lasts 2 hours and aims at familiarizing trainees with therapeutic techniques used in our daily clinical practice. There will be 4 hands-on sessions to practice clinical skills and share secrets of medical practice.

GROUP Α: Protocol for Penile Prosthesis

Penile prostheses are an effective solution for patients who do not respond to any conservative treatment. Every Urologist is concerned with issues such as patient eligibility criteria, selection criteria for the type of prosthesis, surgical protocols, postoperative follow-up, as well as how to educate the patient in using the prosthesis.

Under the guidance of 3 experienced Moderators, the group will discuss step by step all above issues in an effort to reach an agreement for the development of a full protocol for penile prosthesis insertion.

Trainers/Moderators: Ι. Αdamakis, Ε. Alargof, P. Drettas

GROUP Β: Protocol for the treatment of cases with more than one Infertility cause

Very often we are faced with cases where, based on the diagnostic approach, infertility has more than one cause. Complicated cases where the treatment of one problem (e.g. varicocele) does not improve semen quality adequately. Another dilemma is which aetiopathology to treat first. Furthermore, in couples where there is female infertility, what tests should the man undergo? And when should we avoid therapy when the only solution left is IVF?

Trainers/Moderators: S. Andreadakis, F. Dimitriadis, K. Makarounis

GROUP C: Shockwave Protocols: Erectile Dysfunction – Chronic Non-Bacterial Prostatitis –Peyronie’s disease

Shockwaves are a therapeutic method that has been added to the Andrologist’s armamentarium. From the one and only protocol we had available for erectile dysfunction, we have moved to different alternative options for patients with different degrees of erectile dysfunction. Also, a number of studies confirm the effectiveness of Shockwave therapy in non-bacterial Prostatitis and chronic Pelvic Pain, which until today had no effective therapies. As for Peyronie’s disease, the effectiveness of Shockwaves is under research. Many questions will be answered and discussed, based on results of published studies and the participants’ experience: How many SW sessions are needed? How often? How high or low energy is needed? How many shocks?

Trainers/Moderators: D. Kalyvianakis, K. Rokkas, I. Mykoniatis


GROUP D: Protocols for Self-injections - Collagenase Clostridium Injections - Penile Etenders and Vacuum Pumps 

Intracavernous self-injections constitute an effective therapeutic option. How is the dose determined? Which drugs do we inject? How do we teach our patients the technique? Furthermore, collagenase clostridium injections in Peyronie’s disease plaque are difficult to do without special training even for the most experienced Andrologists. All trainees will practice the intraplaque injection on a special penis model. Lastly, they will be trained in using vacuum pumps and penile lengtheners on penis models.

Trainers/Moderators: G. Kousournas, D. Borousas, V. Protogerou