General information

What is it?

"Andrology Update" is a Masterclass training course for Urologists, organized by ISUD (Institute for the Study of Urologic Disorders). It is the most practical Masterclass that ISUD has ever organized, simulating the Urologist’s clinic and presenting all sorts of daily problems Urologists have to deal with in their own private office. By integrating evidence-based medicine with clinical experience, “Andrology Update” contributes to updating, enriching and upgrading the participants’ knowledge. The topics are developed through many interactive and educational processes stimulating reflection and discussion. The ultimate aim is to resolve patients’ symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Andrology Update 2017 includes extra topic units upon female problems. The infertile couple is the basis of the discussion, for male fertility has to be assessed in conjuction with female fertility. In adition, women aften confront sexual problems, which obviously affect not only the couple's sexual life but also their sexual function.


Hands-on training

Stable in its constant efforts to inform and train Urology Specialists, ISUD continuously upgrades training processes. In "Andrology Update 2017”, 8 hours of hands-on training have been added for participants. Trainees have the opportunity to practice specific skills in making decisions about therapeutic interventions. Appropriate interventions will be sought for carefully selected cases, presented in 8 thematic units.


Who is it addressed to?

Urology Specialists and Resident Urologists who are to complete their specialty soon, are eligible to participate in the Masterclass. The number of participants is limited (100 Urologists and 20 Residents in their final year) so that the Masterclass meets the specific needs and demands of Urologists, offering them many tips & tricks about how to deal with specific issues of Andrology.