Urotour 2010 Hannover

Center of Excellence: Department of Urology, Hannover Medical School

City: Hannover, Germany

Director: Prof. Markus A. Kuczyk

Urotour Coordinator: Dr. Matthias Oelke, Vice –Chairman

Visit Dates: 28/11-05/12/2010

Trainees: Volanis Dimitrios (Athens)

                    Georgalis Athanasios (Athens)


What the Trainees said

Volanis Dimitrios

Evaluation of the Center

Together with a colleague from Athens, we personally had the honor to participate in Urotour 2010 and visit the Department of Urology of the Hannover University for 7 days. We had the opportunity to experience the daily operation of the Department, and attend a significant number and range of surgical procedures -one of which I had never seen live before. The staff of the Department made every possible effort to make us feel at home and were willing to resolve any question that might occur. The warm hospitality they offered us was unforgettable.

Georgalis Athanasios

Evaluation of the Center

The Center of Excellence I chose to visit was the Department of Urology at MHH Hospital in Hannover, Germany. As it turned out, I had made an excellent choice. The organization of the Department from all points of view follows the German reputation. With two daily meetings -one at 7:45 and the second one at 15:30- all staff members are aware of what has happened that day and what is scheduled for the next day. Each one knows exactly where they should be and what is expected from them by the Department. It is a German Department operating like a Swiss watch! Both the Director and other colleagues warmly welcomed us, gave us a tour of the Center and explained to us -with great enthusiasm- what they actually do and how they do it.  It was obvious that they really enjoy their work and always have in mind they should constantly try to become better and better. As a token of hospitality towards their Greek colleagues, the daily meetings were carried out in English. They willingly invited us to attend their surgical procedures, showed us the technological equipment they have available in their Department and gave us the "tips and tricks" they themselves apply in their surgical practice. During our stay, we had the opportunity to attend and participate in the SITUS course (Single Incision Triangulated Umbilical Surgery) concerning Laparoscopic Surgery. Within the context of this course, we followed two laparoscopic procedures with the SITUS method -one Partial Nephrectomy and one Total Nephrectomy. There was also a hands-on-training session on this lapararoscopic technique, in which we had active participation.