UroSkills IΙ: Urethral Strictures: tips & tricks


Sunday, February 19, 2017 -
11:00 to 12:30

«The urethra is like the woman: all she needs is a gentle touch», said a dearly departed Teacher – Urologist. And indeed, even small careless movements or an infection

that has not been eradicated, are enough to make a stricture arise. Although many consider that a stricture is easy to treat, the outcome usually shows the opposite. Even though difficult strictures and advanced plastic surgical procedures are surely not the primary objective of UroSchool, every Urologist should learn the urethra, know what to be cautious of in order to avoid any stricture, and know how to treat it in case it occurs for the first time. Last year, we analyzed the theory, this year we provide answers to clinical questions: If the cystoscope cannot pass through, do we perform dilatations? In a patient with a small stricture, do we perform intermittent dilatations? Does the size of the resectoscope matter, and how do we prepare the urethra? Do we perform urethrotomy in an annular stricture or is it preferable to open it up with special hydrophilic catheters? How do we treat a urethral meatus stenosis? And many other questions to answer…