Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction

There are many risk factors, medical conditions and diseases that may contribute to the occurrence or aggravation of erectile dysfunction. Some preventive measures to be taken for reducing this risk are listed below:

  • Normal Body Weight/ Weight Loss in case of Obesity
  • Physical Exercise at least 2 or 3 times a week
  • Mediterranean Diet -it has been shown to help both heart and erection

According to males with excessive body weight and erectile dysfunction, 10% loss of body weight combined with Mediterranean nutrition and physical exercise can resolve the problem and, thus, bring erection back to its normal quality level. 

  • Giving up smoking. Smoking harms penile vessels and is responsible for erectile dysfunction. Giving up smoking gradually restores vessels to their normal condition. In this way further damage is prevented and the body is in the position to 'heal' vascular injuries. 
  • Maintaining low cholesterol and triglycerides levels.
  • In case of suffering from Diabetes Mellitus, sugar levels have to be kept at an acceptable range of values set by the physician. 
  • Regulating blood pressure. Some antihypertensive drugs, such as diuretics, have a negative effect on erection. Discuss the problem with your physician and he will recommend a solution. 


Whatever is bad for the heart is also bad for your erections!

According to studies, vascular erectile dysfunction is observed 3 years before the manifestation of coronary disease. This is so because penile vessels are much smaller in size than those of the heart and, thus, are obstructed faster and more easily!

  • Alcohol and narcotic substances. They may temporarily make you 'relax' and 'stimulate' your sexual desire but it has been proven that their stable abuse distorts erectile function and inhibits sexual performance. 
  • Dysthymia and Depression. Both conditions aggravate or induce erectile dysfunction. In addition, many antidepressants cause erectile dysfunction and delayed (retarded) ejaculation. Discuss the problem with your physician so that he chooses drugs that do not affect your sexual life. 

Psychological factors, such as stress and anxiety, cause or contribute to the occurrence or/and maintenance of erectile dysfunction. Ask for help from a trained Psychologist/ Sexologist,  so that you manage properly or prevent these symptoms from affecting your interpersonal relatioships and sexual life.