Urinary Incontinence: an underestimated problem

Concept – Screenplay – Film Editing: 

Apostolos Apostolidis, Assistant Professor of Urology -Neurourology
Dimitris Hatzichristou, Professor of Urology, A.U.Th.


Gregory Apostolopoulos


Dada-Art for ISUD

Coordination – Editing: 

Vaios Mytilekas, Urologist, Scientific Collaborator of ISUD
Dimitris Takos, Urologist, Scientific Collaborator of ISUD

A few words about the film

Even though a  very common problem in both women and men, urinary incontinence still remains a taboo-subject. Unfortunately, people suffering from urinary incontinence hide their problem and simply "learn" to live with it, without  doing anything at all to actually treat it. Yet, urinary incontinence is an underestimated problem, for it may not be life-threating but it certainly affects negatively the patient's quality of life. But even from a medical point of view, urinary incontinence is not a simple problem, since causes can be numerous and the optimal treatment requires a good diagnosis to determine the most appropriate therapeutical option depending on the case. Watch the film and get to know all types of urinary incontinence, its etiology, diagnosis and therapeutical options that are available today.